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NWAS offers a number of protective options to help maintain the appearance & surface quality of your OEM or aftermarket wheels. Services range from full rim detailing including removal, an intense cleaning regiment, and protective synthetic or wax based sealant to a simple clean & polishing to help prevent further corrosion from brake dust or road grime.

WHEEL/ WAX SEALANT 1 HR $100 $100 $100


Time Required: Quote

Cost: Billed hourly.

Details: Bare metal, painted and powder coated wheels will receive intensive cleaning, polishing to remove etching and receive a protective wheel wax to protect them in the future.


Time Required: 1 hour

Cost: $100

Details: Protect your wheels from corrosive brake dust and other road contaminants. This PTFE (Teflon) enhanced Wheel Wax to help your wheels stay looking good and protect them from the elements, brake dust and other contaminants and makes cleaning your wheels much easier in the future. Additionally, wheels can be removed before wax & sealing for $75 an hour.

Do you own a set of rare aftermarket or OEM wheels that could benefit from cleaning, polishing, and protection? Contact us and schedule your appointment today!