Brand New Audi R8 V10 Gets New Car Detail and Full Frontal Clear Bra

Whether it be the fault of the manufacturer, shipping company, or carelessness of the dealership, often times even brand new cars need detailing. We recommend that, when taking delivery of a new vehicle, you bring it straight to us rather than have the dealership prepare it for you. Not only will you’re car look better […]


Mercedes-Benz 300CE Time Capsule

Often times your hear about old cars that have been restored referred to “good as when it rolled off the showroom floor.” While that may be the case, sometimes they even look “better” than they did when they were new. The term for this is “over restored.” It’s not often though that you get to […]


100% Electric Nissan Leaf Gets Matte Black Vinyl Wrap

The Nissan Leaf is one of the first 100% electric cars that has been positioned in such a way that is an affordable alternative to fossil fuel consuming vehicles. The name “Leaf” itself isn’t simply just to promote how green it is but it actually stands for Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family Car. While this vehicle’s range makes […]


Isolated Scratch Removal and Paint Correction to Remedy Heavy Buffer Swirls on a Blue Volkswagen

Be careful who you have take care of scratches on your vehicle as the results can turn out like this car. 2003 VW Passat came to us with heavy buffer swirls from a less experienced auto detailer and the funny thing is they didn’t even remedy the isolated deep scratch at the top of the […]


White Mercedes C63 AMG Full Detail Interior and Jean Transfer Removal

Many of our customers bring their vehicles to us for regular maintenance. From weekly hand washes to semi annual full details, they like to make sure their car is always in prime shape. This white Mercedes Benz C63 AMG has been coming in for regular hand washes for a little over a year now. Today […]

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