Bentley Continental GT Clear Bra & Complete Detail

The Bentley Continental GT Speed – one of the latest & greatest in luxury sports coupes – debuted as a two-door ‘two plus two’ grand tourer which was first seen in 2003, replacing the previous Rolls-Royce-based Continental R and T. The Continental GT begins its life as re-bodied Volkswagen Phaeton, which is then equipped with […]


Rare Riviera Blue Porsche GT3 RS Complete Vehicle Clear Bra Wrap

For those that love racing and racing inspired vehicles, the Porsche GT3 RS is always near the top of their list. These cars are known for coming in wild colors such orange and green but this particular car came in a very special color scheme. This GT3 RS came painted Riviera Blue with red accents, […]


Full Detail on Black Ferrari Scuderia 16m Spyder

In 2008 Ferrari successfully won its 16th Formula 1 constructors championship. To celebrate this occasion, Ferrari built a special limited edition (499 units), spyder version of their already successful Scuderia. While many thought it was odd to build a spyder version of a car that was made to be a stripped down, light weight, track […]


Partial Matte Black Vinyl Wrap on Red Ferrari 458 Italia

Vinyl wraps are a quick and easy way to to drastically change the look of your vehicle. Not only will this vinyl wrap add to the overall aesthetic of your car but much like a clear bra, it will protect your vehicle from rock chips and other dangerous road debris! What really makes a vinyl […]


Subaru WRX Hatch Back Tail Light Tinting

When the Subaru WRX hatchback was first introduced in 2008, it definitely received mixed reviews. One of the problems people had with it were its “Altezza” style clear tail lights. Quickly vinyl wrap manufacturers caught on and began to offer tail light tint kits to alleviate this problem. What many people don’t realize is how […]

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