NWAS Courtesy Car Fleet

Here at NorthWest Auto Salon, we understand it is not always possible to be without your car for even a couple hours. For this reason we now provide a 2011 Nissan Cube as well as our 2009 smart ForTwo Passion at no additional cost to you – all we ask of you is to bring it back with as much fuel as you got it with!

These vehicles have received many of the services we provide at NorthWest Auto Salon. Everything from 35% window tint, custom NWAS vinyl graphics, tinted (aka “smoked”) taillights, “johnny modded” headlight housings, and even complete matte wrap finishes with custom wrap accent pieces! Initially, we felt the smart was the best choice for a loaner car because it is very easy to drive & park anywhere (automatic transmission with paddle shifters,) quite fuel efficient (around 70hp and 40mpg), and most importantly because it received great crash test ratings. Our recent addition of the Nissan Cube provides our customers with a bit more space for piling in family & friends while still leaving room for shopping & supplies! Just make sure to ask about the availability of the loaner car when booking your appointment.

*Note: courtesy vehicles not available for all services.

Seattle Auto Detailing smart ForTwo Passion Loaner Car
Smart FourTwo Passion Loaner Car Seattle Auto Detailing