Product Spotlight: XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection


The vehicle wrap industry is booming & becoming a bigger part of preventative car care and automotive detail than ever before. With some of the most well known manufacturers in the game producing a gamete of protective film products for nearly every type of application imaginable, it can be difficult for any consumer to find […]

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Quick Look: Reconditioning a VW Type 2 Weekender


Vans have come a long way in the last 60+ years. What started as a utility vehicle quickly blossomed into an activity vehicle, ever changing and evolving from each automaker’s own vision of what really makes a van, a van. But what makes a “bus?” Where does the distinction come into play?” Obviously, one doesn’t […]

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Audi Expo 2014: Samoa Rings & Return of the King

Audi Expo 2014 at Griot's Garage

With the Red Square Charity Car Show in the rear view, the next big event on our calendar was the 2014 Audi Expo at Griot’s Garage flagship location in Tacoma, Washington. We’ve been Quattro fans since the early days, so being a part of one of the biggest Audi-exclusive events in the nation is always […]

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C7 Corvette Stingray New Car Detail + Gtechniq

C7 Corvette Stingray

The Chevrolet Corvette has come quite a long way since it was first introduced back in 1953. Seven generations & 60 years of an American-made legacy have led us here, to the ‘skate reincarnate’ – a sight unseen since ’76. Long before debut, it was rumored to be mid-engined, split windowed, and sounded wilder than many Corvette enthusiasts could have ever imagined. It might not have fulfilled those matchbox sized dreams when it was unveiled in Detroit back in 2013, but there’s no doubt about it: the C7 Stingray is a serious set of hot wheels.

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SLS AMG Black Series New Car Detail & Custom Paint Protection


We work closely with MB Lynnwood to ensure their inventory is well protected with a wide variety of XPEL Ultimate clear bra packages, so when this fully-optioned out SLS AMG Black Series arrived straight from the factory, we were excited to assist in preparing it for display in their upper-level showroom.

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NWAS Abroad: Barrett-Jackson 2014


For our first expedition of the year, we had the pleasure of venturing back to the new & improved West World facility in Scottsdale, Arizona to experience the 43rd Annual “World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction,” Barrett-Jackson! Over the course of the last 365 days, the West World exhibition center did some serious expanding. Just last year it was a “small” equestrian space with an extended pavilion & a smattering of outdoor areas for rows of tens or vendors. Now, West Word’s pavilion space stretches over a mile long, with the South Hall building reaching around 44,000 square feet, new restaurant facilities, and what feels like infinity more room to play. The venue is growing, and Barrett-Jackson seems to be blowing up right along with it.

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Quick Look: Audi S4 New Car Detail featuring Gtechniq, PhotoSync, & XPEL


Ever wondered what it takes to get a brand new car looking fresher than the factory? This Audi S4 came through the shop for a well-rounded New Car Detail package including XPEL Ultimate paint protection, a stacked application of Gtechniq C1 + EXO, and Prestige Film Technologies Spectra PhotoSync window tint. Take a look!

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