NWAS Abroad: A VSCO Adventure at Barrett-Jackson 2015


There are very few automotive events that can draw a crowd quite like Barrett-Jackson. Luckily enough, 2015 marked the third year in a row that we were able to sneak away from the shop to catch a brief glimpse of everything the world’s largest collector car auction has to offer. Much like years past, it […]

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First Look: Tesla Model S P85D receives XPEL Ultimate PPF


The first of Tesla Motors Model S P85Ds have begun trickling out for delivery, and the influx of full body XPEL paint protection wraps is just getting started. As some readers may remember, we pioneered the first Total Coverage XPEL Stealth wrap in Seattle on the standard P85+ just over a year ago, and we’ve […]

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NWAS 2014: A Year in the Rear View


The ball has dropped, the clocks have struck — we’ve safely arrived in 2015, and that means it’s time take a nice long look at the year in our rear view! 2014 brought about a lot of growth for us here at NWAS — as a team, as a brand, and then some. We’re excited […]

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Wrapped Up: Lamborghini Huracán covered in XPEL Stealth PPF


Lamborghini has been bringing about some pretty massive changes to their line-up as of late. This year alone, we saw the release a few hyper-level exotics, including the incredibly rare Lamborghini Egoista, the race-bred Veneno & topless Veneno Roadster, as well as the introduction of Lamborghini’s very first hybrid concept, the Asterion. At the forefront […]

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Quick Look: Maserati Ghibli wrapped in XPEL Stealth Paint Protection

Maserati Ghibli receives a full car wrap in XPEL Stealth paint protection film.

As some of you may have noticed, Total Coverage vehicle wraps in XPEL paint protection have become somewhat of a signature service for us here at NWAS. We take great pride in our ability to produce near flawless, blemish-free installs, and being the first to do so with many new vehicles that come to market. […]

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Product Spotlight: XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection


The vehicle wrap industry is booming & becoming a bigger part of preventative car care and automotive detail than ever before. With some of the most well known manufacturers in the game producing a gamete of protective film products for nearly every type of application imaginable, it can be difficult for any consumer to find […]

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Quick Look: Reconditioning a VW Type 2 Weekender


Vans have come a long way in the last 60+ years. What started as a utility vehicle quickly blossomed into an activity vehicle, ever changing and evolving from each automaker’s own vision of what really makes a van, a van. But what makes a “bus?” Where does the distinction come into play?” Obviously, one doesn’t […]

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Audi Expo 2014: Samoa Rings & Return of the King

Audi Expo 2014 at Griot's Garage

With the Red Square Charity Car Show in the rear view, the next big event on our calendar was the 2014 Audi Expo at Griot’s Garage flagship location in Tacoma, Washington. We’ve been Quattro fans since the early days, so being a part of one of the biggest Audi-exclusive events in the nation is always […]

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