A Letter from the Owner

Blake SiebeShop Manager, Owner

Blake Siebe - NWAS Co-Owner & Shop ManagerMy passion for cars is deep rooted, as a child I could identify cars based on their headlights or taillights at night on long road trips I took with my family. I have been a car enthusiast all my life and have always been meticulous of how I keep my personal vehicles. In my free time I research new products and will never stop experimenting to find the best results possible. I have a English Bull Terrier, whose name is Moki, and a small Frenchie named Olive, who both accompany me to work everyday. I take pride in NWAS, the reputation we have developed and the level of work we produce on a daily basis.

Emily DaughertyOffice Admin

nwas-emily-office-adminI grew up in the mountains of North West Montana on a large ranch with my older sister and two younger brothers. My parents are both motorcyclists, so I have fond memories of holding onto the gas tank, asking to go faster & faster. On the ranch, you worked with what you had, which meant I learned to drive a manual when I was eight, and have made sure to drive anything that I could get my hands on since then. I have always been a tinkerer and a fixer, constantly working on my friend’s cars as well as my own. I am known for being industrious, for my cooking and baking, and my laugh. Working with beautiful machines and a fantastic crew has made for an excellent adventure. I love coming to work every day!

Danny DurkanContent Coordinator, Brand Manager

aboutimgplaceholderIf you’ve stopped by the shop, you may have seen me hiding behind a camera! I have an undying love for all things automotive + multimedia. It all started when I was frightened to a point of tears by the roar of top-fuel dragsters at Pacific Raceways as youngster. The adrenaline surge I received as a boy from being around such powerful machines continues to fuel my interest in motorsport, industrial design, and a love for anything with wheels to a level some might consider unhealthy. Here at the shop I manage our various social media outlets, update the blog & website with fresh content, and try to capture every moment of vehicular bliss that comes through our doors. If you want pictures of your car, I’m the guy to talk to!

Tim ConnorPPF & Vehicle Wrap Director

Tim-Connor-NWAS-1My interest in cars began with my father’s ’62 Porsche 356 Karmann Hardtop. In my twenties, I was into restoring multiples of Classic Mini Coopers. I have a deep rooted passion for classic cars and an extensive history of experience in the automotive industry, with over 14 years of film installation, pattern design, and CAD under my belt. I’ve worked at companies such as Stongard, Accutint, and Auto Armor before finding my way to NWAS; as the lead in-house clear bra & wrap installer I am proud to be able to offer my skills here, all while being surrounded by a great team!

Brian CarylDetail & Reconditioning Specialist

Brian CarylWhile growing up on the north end of Whidbey Island, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a lot of special cars. I spent many years going to local car shows and found myself detailing everything from the family garage to a handful of trophy takers. Working closely with my father’s ’68 Camaro SS & stepfather’s ’67 427 Corvette helped me build the foundation I needed to take me to the next level at NWAS. Now I have the opportunity to be surrounded by amazing cars & a great group of people that I truly enjoy working with
every day.

Josh DaileyDetail & Reconditioning Specialist

Josh Dailey I grew up around cars, in a family of car enthusiasts. The first die-cast models I ever owned as a kid were the Bugatti EB110 followed by the Jaguar XJ220. My dad was into Mopar — anything from old Chargers to newer Cummins diesel trucks. My Uncle loves Porsches; brothers and sister all have Volkswagens, so being into cars just came naturally to me. I bought my first car in ’07, and since then I’ve done everything in my power to keep it running & looking like new. My work at University VW helped lay the foundation for my work as a detailer, building my skill set and knowledge of automotive reconditioning. I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow through NWAS. It’s great to be part of such a reputable shop & come to my dream job every day!

Tomas VacaDetail & Vehicle Prep Technician

Tomas VacaAs a kid, Much like my co-workers, my love of cars came early. As a baby, I was quite fond of riding in the back of my grandparents ’32 Ford Victoria up long, winding mountain passes. All the road trips we took in that old car was a big part of what spark my interest in automotive. I didn’t spend a lot of time around the garage, but I can remember playing for hours on my bedroom floor with every Hot Wheels I could find until I had to go to bed. When it comes to full size rides, I associate most with all things classic — including my personal “vintage” Datsun pickup! Being a part of the team here at NWAS is a bit of a dream come true, and it continues to fuel my enthusiasm for all things automotive.

Ben AbramsCo-Owner

aboutimgplaceholderAs a car collector, I was constantly trying to find a place to have my cars maintained…and I was usually disappointed. I found myself wondering why so many people couldn’t achieve the standard of quality I expected. People would always tell me that since my cars were black, I couldn’t expect perfection. After enough people told me this, I decided to open up my own shop. And now, I have a shop whose work with black will stand side by side against the best. I surrounded myself with people whom I could best relate, enthusiasts with a passion for all kinds of cars, with high standards for themselves and their work. I feel proud of the team Blake and I have assembled, we are a cohesive unit that stands behind our quality and is never satisfied with second best.