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At NWAS we believe an automotive detail is more than just cleaning a car. We aim to recondition most vehicles we detail by offering a more permanent service – our exterior packages combined with paint correction. We set ourselves apart by importing detailing polishes that contain no fillers. This allows us to re-level your vehicles paint surface properly and eliminate the scratches, swirls and imperfections for good (or at least until new ones occur). Paint correction details are uncommon as cost efficient products used by most other detailers contain filling agents that have a soft, talcum based product which will deteriorate after washing the vehicle several times. We take pride in our time intensive corrective work and we choose to use synthetic polymer sealants designed to last months so that our work and your vehicle looks good for up to 6 months afterwards. We recommend renewing protectants, whether your choice is synthetic or Carnuba based, every six months. We like our details to last longer so that you gain more value.

Our favorite post polishing paint treatment is an optional process we refer to as “stacking”; this is the best method for protecting your vehicle’s shine for as long as possible. This protection usually lasts 4-6 months depending on mileage, storage and care. The process involves applying a synthetic polymer sealant, then topping off with your choice of wax, from mild to wild (concours level waxes by Swissvax upon customer request). Stacking gives the paint the protection and longevity of a sealant and the optics and warmth of a carnuba wax. The “jacket” is designed to resist abrasion, acid rain, salt, industrial pollution, and weathering. Stacking can be done without fear of yellowing, hazing, or discoloration. You are ensured that your vehicle will maintain the shine for the season, if not longer.

Our interior detailing is preceded by an analysis of each surface so as to identify what type of material we are cleaning. We avoid using all harmful products that are imbalanced, contain alcohol, ammonia, or silicone dressings. We have products suitable and effective for all surfaces and all materials. We choose products that work, but first and foremost our products must be safe for your car, for you, and us. We are capable of providing product free detailing with the use of compressed air, ozone treatment and cleaning with steamed water. We aim to have pH balanced and chemical free solutions for all materials we clean. Our products are primarily citrus based and have little to no fragrance. When we are done detailing your vehicle, the car is as it was when it was delivered from the factory, and we do not believe in protectants that are usually shiny, greasy, or attract dust.

Through years of research, experimentation, and the collaboration of our staff and individual detailing experiences we have developed remedies for almost any reconditioning need. We detail with the processes we believe in so that we may see the satisfaction of our customer upon delivering our finished product. We feel we stand alone in our passion and ability to detail vehicles above and beyond expectations of our clients in most cases. Even with our entry level detailing packages, they are done thoroughly and we will not deliver cars with wet carpets, intense chemical smells on the interior, nor with wax in cracks and crevices or windows smeared and streaky.

Being in the Northwest we also care about our environment. That is why all of our detailing products and soaps are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and are safe for us, along with for your vehicle.You’ll find that NWAS has an exhaustive list of detailing services to meet every customer’s needs and desires. We are constantly researching and testing products to ensure nothing but the best gets used. We bring more than just automotive detailing to the table. We offer true paint correction as opposed to common detailing tricks such as using scratch fillers or glazes. True paint correction is hard to come by which is why we are a low volume, high quality shop.

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